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Your Norwell Divorce Mediation Attorney 



Divorce mediation attorney Judith R. Kaplan provides Massachusetts divorce and family law mediation services for couples seeking an affordable alternative to hiring two lawyers and heading to court.


I work with couples during any phase of separation, divorce and post-divorce. I work with unmarried parents and couples involved in uncontested divorces and contested divorces. I can also assist with child support and alimony modifications and arrearages.

My mission is to help families minimize the financial and psychological impacts of separation and divorce.

When I first meet couples, they are overwhelmed and often do not know where to start. They often ask the same questions:

  • Is Massachusetts a 50/50 state?

  • How much child support am I expected to pay?

  • Can I afford to keep the house?

  • What is a legal separation in Massachusetts?

  • How long will the divorce process take?

Massachusetts divorce mediator Judith R. Kaplan works with families from Norwell, Quincy, Braintree, Hingham, Weymouth, Cohasset, Marshfield, Duxbury, Milton, Boston, and Hanover.

Providing divorce and family law mediation services since 2000.

I understand no two couples are alike. I can help you reach a comprehensive settlement that works for you and your family. My services are confidential and thorough. I meet clients in Norwell, Quincy and Braintree and via Zoom.

I also understand that preserving assets and protecting your children are paramount concerns and goals. I will help you to reach these goals. Divorce mediation is not easy, but as your Massachusetts divorce mediator, I will work at your pace and provide you with the support and guidance you need throughout the divorce mediation process.

Do you want to control the divorce process and costs?
Divorce litigation focuses on who is right and who is wrong. It is contentious, expensive and emotionally draining.
Preserve your assets. Protect your children. For a less stressful and affordable divorce alternative, contact divorce mediation attorney Judith R. Kaplan to arrange a divorce mediation consultation in an area near you - Norwell, Braintree or Quincy. Zoom will always be an option.

Evaluate your options. Divorce and family law mediation is confidential and voluntary. You don't give up your rights to seek court intervention if you stop the mediation process.


Your initial call is free. Call Today: 781-923-1680 or complete the form below and Attorney Kaplan will call you. 


"Judy was able to listen to our concerns, answer my questions and get us to think about long term consequences of what we were doing. Most importantly, she genuinely cared about us and our sons. She did not take sides."  

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