Divorce mediation appointments available in Braintree, Norwell & Quincy.

Free initial call.  First 1/2 hour of your consultation is waived.


Identify, and articulate your wishes, concerns and needs through meaningful and respectful dialogue.  Create solutions.  


Provide support, guidance and structure to reach a thoughtful, comprehensive and realistic agreement that meets your specific needs.


Assess goals, priorities and different perspectives. Test options during phases of separation, divorce and post-divorce.  


Create a co-parenting plan. Calculate child support. Draft your agreement. Schedule your divorce hearing.  Resume your maiden name.

Are you filing for divorce in Massachusetts? 

Attorney Kaplan is an experienced Massachusetts divorce mediator who has been offering confidential Massachusetts divorce mediation as a low cost alternative to lengthy divorce litigation for over 19 years.

She is committed to assisting families who want to minimize the financial and psychological impacts of separation and divorce in Massachusetts.

Do you want to control the process and costs through Massachusetts divorce mediation? 

Divorce litigation focuses on who is right and who is wrong. It is contentious, expensive and emotionally draining. Preserve your assets. For a less stressful and cheaper alternative, contact divorce mediator Kaplan to arrange a divorce mediation consultation in Norwell, Braintree or Quincy.

Evaluate your options. Divorce mediation is confidential and voluntary. You don't give up your rights to seek court intervention if you stop the process. Your initial phone call is free. 781-923-1680.

"Thank you again for all of your hard work, compassion, as well as sense of humor when we needed it. You read people very well and your passion for mediation shows."
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"I respect and understand that no two families are alike. When I first meet couples, they are overwhelmed and often do not know where to start. I understand that preserving assets and protecting your children are paramount concerns. Divorce mediation is not easy, but as your divorce mediator, I will work at your pace and provide you with the support and guidance you need throughout the divorce mediation process."


 Reasons to Mediate your Divorce

Certainty and Control: Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a divorce mediator does not decide the outcome. Divorce mediation empowers the parties to reach an agreement that meets their specific needs. The parties control the outcome and the divorce mediator works at your pace.

Cost Effective: Divorce mediation will generally save you money. It's a lower cost option. Hourly mediation rates are less than paying two divorce attorneys. Payments are more manageable since divorce mediation sessions are due and payable at the conclusion of each session. An attorney generally requires a large retainer (lump sum amount) at the inception of a case. Your ultimate cost is driven by the complexity of your matter and the pace at which you work. 

Positive and Peaceful: This is a non-adversarial approach. Each person will have opportunities to express their concerns and goals.  

Save Time: You are not at the mercy of the overburdened court system for case planning conferences, pre-trial conferences and hearings. In most cases, you can streamline your divorce and finalize it quicker through mediation. 

Confidential: Court proceedings are public and most of your court file is available for public inspection.  Divorce mediation allows for more privacy. 

Personal: Your divorce mediator will get to know you very well which results in more detailed and satisfying settlement agreements and co-parenting plans.  Judges do not have the time to provide such personalized attention to each case.

"Throughout the process, Judy was able to listen to our concerns, answer my questions and get us to think about long term consequences of what we were doing. Most importantly, she genuinely cared about us and our sons."

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Attorney Kaplan works as a Massachusetts divorce mediator with families from Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Bristol County, Barnstable County, Essex County and Suffolk County (including such towns/cities as Boston, Brookline, Walpole, Milton, Weymouth, Quincy, Cohasset, Hingham, Norwell, Duxbury, Marshfield, Kingston, Scituate, Sharon, Abington, Hanover, Whitman, Hull, Pembroke, Taunton, Raynham, Bridgewater, Carver, Plymouth, Sagamore, Falmouth, Brewster, Mashpee and Centerville).  

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