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7 Reasons to Choose Massachusetts


Divorce Mediation is Cost-Effective

Divorce mediation will generally save you money. Hourly mediation rates are less than paying two divorce lawyers. Payments are more manageable since divorce mediation sessions are due and payable at the conclusion of each session. Your ultimate cost is driven by the complexity of your matter and the pace at which you work. 


Divorce Mediation Saves Time 

You are not at the mercy of the overburdened Massachusetts Probate and Family court system for case planning conferences, pre-trial conferences and divorce hearings. In most cases, you can streamline your divorce more quickly through divorce mediation. 


Divorce Mediation Provides Certainty and Control

Divorce mediation empowers the spouses to reach an agreement that meets their specific needs. The spouses control the outcome and the divorce mediator works at your pace. Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a divorce mediator does not decide the terms of your Separation Agreement.


Divorce Mediation is Positive and Peaceful

Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial approach. Each person will have the opportunity to express their concerns and goals. We will generate options and discuss the pros and cons until you reach an agreement. 


Divorce Mediation is Confidential

Divorce hearings are public and most of your court file is available for public inspection. Divorce mediation is confidential and private.


Divorce Mediation is Personal

Your divorce mediator will get to know you very well which results in more detailed and satisfying settlements and co-parenting plans. Judges do not have the time to provide such personalized attention to each case.


Divorce Mediation is Convenient

Avoid court by mediating your divorce. In addition, Attorney/Mediator Kaplan meets clients via Zoom teleconferencing so no need to leave your house to travel. She schedules meetings at your pace. She works with families from the Boston area, the North Shore, the South Shore and Cape Cod. Face-to-face meetings are offered in Quincy, Braintree and Norwell.   

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