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Divorce Mediation Consultation Services

As you go through the Massachusetts divorce mediation process, you should consider the assistance of a family law attorney to provide you with information and advice and to help you make decisions about alimony, child support, a co-parenting plan and the final allocation of marital assets. You will need a family law attorney to write and to help you understand your Separation Agreement or post-divorce modification agreement. 

Typically, your attorney does not sit-in on mediation sessions and does not have contact with your mediator. Your divorce mediator should be the primary professional helping couples to reach a settlement but there are times you will have to build a team of professionals to help you - including a family law attorney, accountant, pension appraiser and real estate appraiser/broker.

Attorney Kaplan works with individuals who are separating (including a parent that never married his/her partner), divorcing, or already divorced. She also works with individuals pursuing a modification or settling a child support or alimony arrearage. 

Provide Legal Advice

You need to understand your legal rights. Attorney Kaplan will review relevant sections of Massachusetts  General Laws  Chapter 208 (including the Massachusetts alimony statute), and the 2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines so you can have confidence and the knowledge required to enter into a fair, realistic and detailed mediated settlement agreement. A neutral mediator is prohibited from providing legal advice.

Draft & Review your Separation Agreement

After you reach a mediated settlement, Attorney Kaplan can draft your Separation Agreement (or post-divorce modification agreement). It will be signed and filed in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court for approval to secure your rights and the terms of your divorce or modification. She can file and prepare you for your divorce hearing. 

Prepare Financial Statements 

Financial Statements are required for filing with the court and must be completed accurately.  Each party must complete his/her own Financial Statement. Your Financial Statement provides the court with a snap shot of your income, expenses, debts and assets. Attorney Kaplan can assist you with completing your Financial Statement. She can also help you understand financial documents provided by the other party.

Provide Practical Advice & Prepare you for Mediation

Attorney Kaplan is a mediation friendly attorney with a background in child development. She has been mediating family law issues for over 22 years and can share her practical working knowledge with you to help you reach an agreement that will work for you and your family. Her degree of involvement will depend upon your needs and how active you want her to be. 

Let's Work Together

Drafting your Massachusetts Separation Agreement

“Thank you for all of your patience and support. Divorcing someone you love is not an easy thing but you made the process bearable.”  

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