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"The decision to divorce is usually an emotional decision. You can find copious amounts of information and advice on what is and isn’t a good marriage but no one can tell you whether your marriage is viable or “good enough.” That is a decision you must make yourself.

The Emotional Aspects of Divorce

Below is a checklist to help you evaluate your desire for a divorce.

Cathy Meyer discusses each item individually in an attempt to help you set future goals and attain personal growth, whether that growth happens inside your marriage or outside. Pay attention to each question and how you feel when answering them. Those feelings will help you gauge whether it is a divorce you want.

  • I have accepted that my marriage is over.

  • I am better off without my spouse.

  • I am ready to leave my marriage

  • I fully understand the reasons my marriage is over and the role I played.

  • I am ready to invest emotionally and financially into becoming the person I would like to be.

  • I understand the importance of becoming fulfilled as a single person before committing to a new relationship.

  • I am emotionally strong enough to deal with any conflict that may occur between my spouse and I due to my decision to divorce."

Click for the full article written by CATHY MEYER, MASTER CERTIFIED COACH (found on divorcedmoms.com).

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