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Massachusetts Separation Agreement

Updated: Feb 23

Spouses seeking a divorce in Massachusetts can pursue court intervention or settle all issues through a negotiated and signed contract called a Massachusetts Separation Agreement which is a misleading name. The Separation Agreement functions as your divorce agreement. Your signed agreement will be presented to the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judge for approval. Walking into court with a signed Separation Agreement allows couples to tailor their agreement to meet their specific needs. It will cover alimony, taxes, medical and dental insurance, life insurance and an allocation of assets and debts. If you have children, it will address child support, a co-parenting, any special medical and educational needs they may have, legal and physical custody, education and define emancipation.

What is a Massachusetts Separation Agreement?
Signing your Massachusetts Separation Agreement

Entering into an agreement allows spouses to retain control and to create predictability. It is a much more desirable alternative to allowing a judge to make decisions for you and entering temporary orders or a court-ordered judgment. Chances are, neither of you will be happy with the judge's decision. In addition, the judge does not have the time to get to know you as well as any divorce mediator will get to know you. Although no couple can predict every future event, a mediator can help you identify certain circumstances that may arise in the future and address them in your Massachusetts Separation Agreement which will preserve your time and money.

Contact Attorney Kaplan to find out how she organizes the divorce mediation process and helps her clients to stay on track so they don't feel overwhelmed during negotiations. She can prepare your Massachusetts Separation Agreement after your case settles and file it in court for you. She can help you schedule a divorce hearing and prepare you for what the judge might ask. Your initial call is free. 781-923-1680 www.jrkaplanlaw.com

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